• New Homes

    We have designed a wide variety of houses throughout New Zealand. These houses, while all very individual, have an underlying focus on flow, sun and reduced environmental impact. Some have incorporated the principles of Feng Shui to enhance harmony and serenity throughout the house.

    Alterations and additions

    Our home renovation projects range from smaller works to large alterations, predominantly in the central Auckland area. We have considerable experience with heritage zones, resource management issues and finding solutions for difficult sites.


    Projects to date include light commercial construction and interior fit outs (including fixture design) on office, workshop, hair salon and dental surgery spaces


    We advise on all aspects of interiors, including kitchen and bathroom design and lighting and electrical, as well as colours, materials and furniture selection, if required.

  • Home automation, home theatre & media rooms

    Many of our design projects include home automation and entertainment requirements. We have extensive experience in all aspects of selection, layout and installation of materials, as well as acoustic design.

    Project Administration

    We offer full site administration and construction management, including the administration of payments, claims, variations and ongoing construction checks.


    Our designs promote the seamless integration of flow from interior to exterior. This often includes the design of landscapes, including pools, paved areas, retaining walls and spaces ready for planting


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I would describe my style as predominantly contemporary, with an emphasis on simplicity of design. I work closely with my clients to ensure that each project is individually designed to meet their unique needs and requirements, while reflecting their personality throughout. When approaching renovations, I like to consider the existing character of the home and often work to restore at the same time as renovate as part of the project.